1657-7 Anniversary Legend

I do believe this guitar's fate is to be here in my house. It started off several years ago, while I was on a trip to AZ. I was innocently searching the craigslist ads and ran across this Anniversary Legend. The electronics had been removed, but aside from that it was in stellar condition. I couldn't pass it up, and brought it back to Seattle with me. I replaced the preamp to get it back to it's original form. It was already well kept, so I didn't have to do much else.

Not long after, I went on quite the A-braced Legend buying binge. I had to try 'em all, Kaman bars, truss rods, cutaways, customs and non-customs alike. During this, I decided I had too many and started parting ways with them, the Anniversary included.

I put it up here locally and had a CL response rather quickly from a guy asking if I'd trade it for his Martin HD28. I was pretty sure I'd want to do that, but wondered.... is he crazy? So I agreed, and right before we were to meet he called and said his wife wouldn't let him, that it was a gift from her, and she didn't want him to let it go, but she would let him buy my guitar... So I let her go. I felt remorse right away.

Fast forward to last year... I was scanning through CL and low and behold, there was MY Anniversary Legend... or at least my pictures (not the first time that's happened). I contacted him asking if it was indeed the same guitar, and he assured me it was... 

Well, it's mine again. Aside from my Al DiMeola it's the A-braced Legend I've decided to keep. It's the best representation of that unique Legend tone. I believe it's due to those earlier bowls, but aside from that, it's unique from other Legends in so many ways. It's 'Custom' with it's carved bridge and trc, yet more subdued due to herringbone in place of shiny abalone. There are subtle things too, like the multi-veneered, Adamas like, headstock and heel cap. And the color is awesome.

And I LOVE this girl's beauty mark. That could be the one thing that made me long for this one over the other... I dunno.